Maria Pizzamiglio
Maria Pizzamiglio


  • Indirizzo: Via Paleocapa 21A/6
  • CAP: 17100
  • Città: Savona
  • Nazione: Italia


  • Email: mariapizzamiglio [AT]
  • Pec: maria.pizzamiglio [AT] ar
  • Telefono: 019 808653
  • Cellulare: 393381975764
  • Sito internet:


CURRICULUM VITAE MARIA PIZZAMIGLIO ARCHITETTA PERSONAL INFORMATION via Caviglia 28, 17024 Finale Ligure (SV)office: via Paleocapa 21A/6, 17100 Savonat/f 019 808653 mb. 338 1975764e-mail: mariapizzamiglio@gmail.comsecure email: maria.pizzamiglio@archiworldpec.itwebsite: https://mariapizzamiglio.houzz.ittax code: PZZMRA69B42D969ZVAT reg. no.: 01529190090Sex Female Date of birth 02/02/1969 Nationality: ItalianArchitect Registration Examination in 2000 Registered in the Register of Architects of Genoa under no. 2695 since 2000 PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITYI work as a free-lance architect in the fields of design, accessibility and inclusion, natural and sustainable architecture, energy efficiency, renewable energy and participation processes. As an architect, I’m keen to design beautiful buildings connected to the social and natural environment. Following my passion for sustainability, energy efficiency and green architecture I have taught courses for many training companies and students of all ages. Designing small buildings and doing renovation of old houses I listen to the inhabitants carefully and offer them my competence, especially focusing on natural building materials, energy efficiency and renewable energy. I love colours and handcrafted furniture, raw earth, wood and lime plasters; appropriate technologies for the project, nothing more than necessary. I am used to work in multidisciplinary workgroups and with various people involved in the project. My studio is located in the co-working COSA that I founded 8 years ago together with some colleagues. We use to cooperate and exchange experiences among colleagues. My job is to help people to find their style in the home that represents what they are. I believe architecture affects our lives, so our task as architects is to build safe, natural and beautiful spaces connecting with the real essence of people.