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Consultancy ANAB 

Natural Architecture: Adding Value to Your Projects

The ANAB consultancy service is available to anyone, in various capacities and with different intentions and purposes, approaching the themes of natural architecture: private citizens, technicians or professionals in the field, operators, associations, and public and private institutions.

ANAB’s consultancy activities range from general and/or detailed information on specific topics to architectural design consultancy, both in the final and executive stages.

Consultancy Activities

The consultancy activities are aimed at both Public Administrations and private individuals, with the goal of promoting and encouraging the design and implementation of demonstrative projects in public and urban construction according to the principles of natural architecture.

The association provides qualified consultancy and assistance in relation to:

  • Drafting guidelines for design;
  • Technical and regulatory issues;
  • Public works tender specifications;
  • Specific training courses for public operators;
  • Design consultancy and technical assistance during construction;
  • Inspection of completed works.

List of ANAB Technicians and Experts

The Association manages and disseminates a LIST OF BIOEDILIC TECHNICIANS AND CONSULTANTS ANAB, who have completed training and specialization courses and possess a documented professional curriculum. The list is organized according to competencies and professional qualifications.

Further details can be requested at the address”