Natural architecture in Italy since 1989

ANAB is an independent association formed by a group of members. It is dedicated to promoting and teaching good building and living practices, healthy and sustainable living, through the sharing of principles of Natural Architecture and Bioconstruction.


Read the MANIFESTO FOR BIOECOLOGICAL ARCHITECTURE signed in Udine on October 15, 1989.

Organizational Chart

ANAB Organizational Chart

What We Do

ANAB operates:

  • through consultancy and training for designers and professionals in the construction industry;
  • by certifying construction techniques and materials that respect living beings and their environment;
  • raising awareness about the inherent dangers in the traditional building model and the need to modify its methods.

Our Goal

ANAB aims to protect Life. It considers the building as a living organism and supports its integration with inhabitants and the environment through the implementation of Natural Architecture principles: use of technologies using renewable energies; use of natural materials and construction techniques that minimize energy impact; protection of health.

Who We Address

ANAB is open to all those who want to live “healthy and natural.”

What They Say About Us

“Thanks to associations like ANAB, it is possible to spread a different culture of living and building. Passion for nature, sustainability, and natural materials is the first step to improve our stay on this planet.”

 Cristina Marchi

“You are an infinite resource to discover for me and my family. Thank you.”

 Florentina Plaiasu

“Beautiful initiative to leave the world cleaner than we found it!”

 Josè Paternò