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Terzo seminario CAM: I vantaggi premiali

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I 25 principi dell'edilizia bioecologica di IBN

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sabato, 9 luglio 2016

Lione (F) 8-9 luglio 2016

ANAB partecipa al 1st European Earth building associations gathering

1st European Earth building
associations gathering

1ères Assises européennes de la
construction en terre

8th-9th July 2016 LYON

Musée des


The French national earth builders association AsTerre and the associations from other European countries have the pleasure to invite you to two days of exchange, in the runup
to the Terra World Congress 2016.
Since 2002, training centres, associations, practitioners, construction companies and universities from all over Europe work together to introduce earth as a construction material in the training of building professionals. From these dynamics is born an informal network that continues to expand. Educational tools and skills repositories are available to all. AsTerre has been engaged in these efforts since 2007.

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scarica PDF> Assises EU_preprogramme_V3_EN

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